Our Square Circle Rounding Hammers are forged by Ethan Harty in Canada. At the age of 13 he visited Alec in the UK for a week-long toolmaking class and took the knowledge grained and turned it into phenomenal skill through rigorous practice and determination. These hammers are individually forged under an "Alldays and Onion "(The "Pilkington" parent company) power hammer and we are proud to support a small-business like his and offer to our customers an iconic hammer we love to use.

We are thrilled to offer these fine hand-made rounding hammers, crafted in Alberta, Canada by former student of Alec, Ethan Harty. Made from 1045 steel with hardened faces and fitted with a charred and pine-tarred Hickory handle, these hammers are a joy to use.


• Steel: 1045

• Overall Length: 14-16"

• Handle: Hickory

• Made in Canada

Restock - December 2nd - Cyber Monday.

What is a Rounding Hammer?

The rounding hammer was popularised by Brian Brazeal through the early 2000's. The geometry of the round face allows for a great deal of versatility in that it can either be used to concentrate the force of your hammer blow and forge metal faster than normal, or be tilted to be used like a cross or straight peen. It's a versatile and very effective tool that we love for forging with.

The Square Circle

Alec leaned to forge tools from Brian Brazeal at the age of 13. With Brian's mentorship and guidance, toolmaking eventually became Alec's staple product. Back in the days of Barker Street Forge, he would forge hammers for folks and teach them how to do so too. With time, and inspiration from other great makers, the Square Circle hammer evolved and became his favourite style to use.

Images from the 5-part YouTube Series Ethan Harty Produced on making these hammers! Watch here and subscribe to his channel too.

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