The Shredder belt from Combat abrasives in an excellent option for those looking for the performance of a ceramic belt, without breaking the bank.

Ceramic abrasive belts are the best choice for stock removal on steel. Ceramic likes to be run fast with high pressure so you constantly break down the grain and expose sharp edges. Starting at 36 or 60 grit for your rough grinds and progressing up the grit range to 120 grit before moving onto a Trizact A100 finishing belt. This belt model goes up to a 220 grit ceramic, so you can then make the jump straight to an A45 Trizact.

Shredders are a great-value option and provide very good performance for less cost than ultra-premium abrasives. Knifemakers all around the country are producing fast and clean grinds with these abrasives day-in-day-out.

We are pleased to offer this product to most worldwide destinations. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Thank you! Bare in mind, this product ships from the USA and many countries impose import taxes that you have to pay. Please consider this and do your research on what these charges may be for you before purchasing.

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