Paragon KMT Pro Series Oven

$3,315.28 $3,683.64

Made-To-Order with a 2 month lead time on dispatch. 

NOTE: If you are outside the continental USA please contact to receive a freight quote.

Paragon has been an industry leader for over 70 years in USA made heating equipment of the highest quality for industries from glass blowing, to ceramics, to knifemaking.

We are delighted to offer their KMT-Pro series of ovens, built specifically with the knifemaker and blacksmith in mind; these include thick ceramic insulation for swift and efficient heating up to 2350º Fahrenheit or 1287º Celcius.

The ovens feature embedded wavy heating elements with solid-state relays and a guillotine-style door for ease of access. The ovens are controlled through a Sentinal Smart Touch display, an easy to use, wifi-enabled controller. All of these features help the oven to perform at a high level for as long as possible, with less room for failure compared to a traditional oven.

We have these ovens available in 5 different lengths, suited well for different needs for various makers. The longer ovens come with Paragons signature 3-Zone control where 3 separate thermocouples and feedback loops control 1/3 of the oven to ensure that you get even heating throughout the oven's length even if a door is quickly opened or the workpiece isn't uniform. 

We also offer 2 different internal widths: Regular - 6.5" and Double Barrel - 13.25"

Smaller ovens require less power draw than larger ovens. All of our KMT-Pro series are run off of 240V single-phase power. 

Power Requirements:

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