The Steele Paperweight


When we are making hammers, we make mistakes. While mistakes can be frustrating, it's therapeutic to give that "mistake" a nice squashing on our 300 LB Chambersburg power hammer. The resulting product isn't a hammer - but a paperweight. These squashed hammers are our failed attempts at creating the best hammer we can.

Once on your desk or workbench, you display a constant reminder that it's okay to fail. Sometimes your standards are higher than the work you produce, and there's nothing wrong with that. The only real failure is wasting the failure to learn from your mistakes; even a squashed hammer can have a job as a paperweight.

Your paperweight may have a wide variation from the ones pictured. Different steps in the hammer making process may end in failure, so you may end up with different shapes, defects, or weights. One thing is for sure though, each of these paperweights proudly displays a constant reminder that attention to detail matters, and you shouldn't be afraid to restart to strive towards perfection.

All paperweights have been given a squish under the power hammer, and a wire brush finish to polish them up.

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