The Zweihänder

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The Zweihänder. 

In 2020, we set out to create one of the most complex blades we have ever made. With the upcoming celebration of 2M subscribers on YouTube, we layered the 1080 and 15n20 into a gorgeous fine mosaic pattern with each segment having over 2,000,000 layers. The damascus ripples and shines through the repeating serrations of the blade and takes life.

The sword measures a colossal 62" (1574mm) in length, but the well proportioned design make this feel incredibly nimble. The 44" (1117mm) blade becomes an extension of your hand as you move it through the air. 

The blade lugs and tang are forge-welded 1070 steel and the guard is cut, forge-welded and machined. The Monarch 10EE lathe turned the pommel and 3/16 hex nut, making this a take-down construction sword. 

The hickory handle and first portion of the blade are both wrapped in dyed sheep skin leather.

This is a spectacular work of art with a hair-popping edge.

Made by Will Stelter and Alec Steele.

The Creation of the Zweihänder

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