2x48" Steele Grinder (Frame Only)


This machine continues to impress us. It is a machine capable of keeping up with anything you can throw at it and taking up less shop space than anything comparable. 


This model takes a 2x48" belt and is a 56C frame.  We think it works best with a three-phase 1.5HP motor and the KBAC 27D VFD.

Our machines have a broad range of compatible accessories but what sets them apart is how versatile they are as a stand-alone unit. The 360° rotating platen has a 2" and 3" contact wheel for profiling, hollow grinding and having a wheel-good time. With the platen rotated 180°, you have the use of a slack belt. To have this many options without a tool-change is phenomenal. 

All of our wheels are rubber coated. This gives enhanced traction from the drive wheel to the belt for keeping up with the power requirements of a heavy-hogging grind and means you get phenomenal contact-wheel performance without chatter.   

The 2x48 is a small unit but it packs a punch. A shorter belt allows the use of a smaller motor, without a sacrifice in torque. Despite its compact size it is a machine that is capable of accepting every accessory from a 1/4" small wheel attachment all the way up to a surface grinding attachment. 

It is the perfect solution for a maker with limited space and has use applications to everyone from a knifemaker, to blacksmith, to woodworker, to jeweler or engraver. For grinding knives, sharpening tools or shaping wax, a belt grinder like this is a phenomenal addition to your shop.

Tech Specs:

· 2x48” belt length

· 4” drive wheel

· 56C Frame

· 6” long platen backing

· 360° rotating platen allows use of: flat platen, slack belt, 2" and 3" contact wheels

· Rubber coated wheels for smooth performance and great belt traction

· Flat plane belt tracking for accurate belt alignment

· Fully welded frame

· 3 arm slots

· Includes fixed work rest

· Platen arm also accepts small wheels attachments.

• Flips from vertical to horizontal with optional bench stand 

· Made in Australia by 84 Engineering  

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