Redwood Lace Burl


These premium blocks of Redwood Lace Burl are incredible. The depth of texture in each block is complex and sophisticated. As with all the handle material we sell, we'd be thrilled to use any of them in our own knives.

Redwood burl is like a snowflake, you can see consistencies of shape and color in the photos on this page, but each block can be slightly different. Your block(s) may have different tones, darker figures, or tighter patterns, depending on the block. 

These blocks are stabilized, and come at a minimum size of 6" x 1.25" x 1" (+/- 1/8). Stabilized wood is a process that fills pores of the wood grain with resin, leading to blocks that are moisture-resistant, making them great for kitchen knives. It also reduces chipping and warping of materials. 

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