Steele Anvil Tripod Stand


The tripod anvil stand is designed to offer a secure platform for your Steele Anvil or Seconds Anvil. The tripod design ensures it stays put and doesn't wobble while also giving the blacksmith clearance to get in close to the anvil from all sides. fabricated from 2x3 0.125 wall tube legs.

The top of this stand has holes for mounting the anvil itself, mounting tool racks, tool trays, and pouring the legs full of sand to deaden the noise.

The feet have a 5/8" hole for either staking to the ground with 1-2' long stakes or bolting to the concrete. We have had the most success with chemical anchors on the threaded rod in concrete.

Click here to check out the anchoring epoxy we use at the shop.  

The listed "height" of the anvil stand is the total height from floor to anvil face including your Steele Anvil which is 11". Want your anvil face to be 32" from the ground? Order a 32" stand! The approximate footprint is 22 inches but will vary depending on the height ordered.

These are fabricated right here in Bozeman, Montana, and finished with a hot-wax treatment. 

The stand will vary slightly from the photo.

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