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The Gibson 72 is our primo-deluxe, top of the line, metal shredding monster. Manufactured by 84 Engineering in Australia these machines push the limits of performance and capability in the knife-grinding world and is jam-packed with features.

A 7" rubberized drive wheel and 2hp motor powers this machine creating a whopping 5400 SFM belt speed with phenomenal traction. The all-in-one package has vertical-horizontal pivoting built-in and our range of accessories mean this is a machine you won't outgrow.  

As far as attachments go, you wont be disappointed with the full kit that accompanies the Gibson 72. We'll start off with the angle adjustable rest, the easiest, most precise way to control the angle of your tool-rest in relation to your platen. It provides a large 6x12" work area, and utilizes a threaded adjustment handle for minute and easy changes. The package also includes, exclusive to the Gibson, 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1" small wheel attachments, a 4-way small wheel platen AND a duel idler wheel small wheel arm to give the tightest radius's possible.

This is the grinder we primarily use in the workshop because it's just stinkin' nice to run the Ferrari of belt grinders. This is not a machine that will make anyone a better knife-maker, but it certainly won't ever limit you as a maker either. Using this beautiful machine always puts a smile on our faces, and sometimes that's just what it takes to help get the job done.

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