2x72" Steele Kit Grinder (Frame Only)


Our 2x72" Steele Kit Grinder is the machine that gets you into the larger 72" belt, without breaking the bank. The 3/8" thick steel plate construction gives you an extremely rigid platform and 2 tooling arm slots allow the use of our wide range of accessories. Best used with a 2-horsepower motor (for a 56C frame) and KBAC 27D VFD, this machine can handle almost anything you can throw at it. 

This grinder comes with a 5" Contact Wheel for 2 slack grinding tension options.


•2×72” belt length

• Shipped flat packed, requiring some basic bolting for assembly

 • 8.5″ / 215mm platen backing

• 360° Rotating platen allows: use of platen backing, slack belt, 2" contact wheel, 3" contact wheel and is able to accept our optional 5″ contact wheel without removing the platen.

• Rubber coated wheels for smooth performance and great belt traction 

• Flat plane belt tracking for accurate belt alignment 

• 56C Frame

• Unpainted for greater economy (or greater customization)

• 2 tooling arm slots 

• Fixed work rest 

• Protective spark guard 

• Flips from vertical to horizontal with optional bench stand 

• Made in Australia

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