About Us

Based in the beautiful Bozeman, Montana, we strive to provide the very best service and quality of product that will keep you going for years to come.

We are born out of the thrill of creating and the love of good tools.

We love craftsmanship, and we want to support our customer's journey by finding and creating products that facilitate productivity, safety and enjoyment.

We create for the process and we are curating the tools and supplies that help you maximize the enjoyment of that process.

This joy for me, started at a young age. From growing up in my father's woodshop, turning candlesticks and bowls on a lathe, to lighting a charcoal fire in my back-yard at age 11 and hammering on red-hot pegs. Through my teenage years, I became more and more enthralled with the process of learning and creating.

The thrill and lessons of blacksmithing led me to discover and pursue welding, bladesmithing, engraving, stone setting and more. Setting challenging goals humbled me and showed me just how much I had to learn. These challenges of craftsmanship became my passion. 

The creative process is so tightly interwoven with the tools that we use that one inevitably becomes a fanatic about their choice of equipment.

We are too.

We get giddy when we use a good product because we know it allows us to better pursue our creative goals. A file that cuts better than the others in your toolbox suddenly becomes a prized possession as it shortens the time from raw material to your end goal. 

Our products exist to help you love making stuff. So run it hard, maintain it well, send us photos, and let us know when you need help or inspiration.

Thank you for stopping by