The Steele Cross Peen Hammer - [LIMITED EDITON]


Unlike round or flat-faced hammers that move steel in a 360° direction, cross peens specifically move material in two directions. This comes in handy for certain forgings. Cross peens make quick work of aggressive flaring, especially on flat bars.
They can help you to more rapidly draw out material on a bar. Also, it makes forging down the heel on a knife a breeze. Then, flip the hammer around and use the flat face to clean things up.

Our cross peens are purposely made with a slight crown or curve in the peen side. This helps prevent sharp and unwanted hammer marks in the forging. This also helps to prevent irregular rebound of the hammer.

The right tool for the job makes a world of difference, and sometimes that right tool is a good cross peen.



• Steel: 1045

• Over All Length: 14-16"

• Handle: Hickory

• Made in the USA



To keep your hammer in good condition, occasionally oil the handle with boiled linseed oil and oil the hammerhead too. Handles occasionally break and that is sadly the nature of dealing with wood. Oiling, and caring for the connection between the hammer and handle by not unnecessarily dropping the hammer on the handle will extend its life. Never strike hard surfaces with the hammer as hard metal shouldn't ever meet hard metal. It will cause denting and can cause extremely dangerous chipping.

Over time, if the face of your hammer becomes a little worn, it can be redressed with a Trizact belt and a buffer to keep it looking clean and pretty.

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