Hammer Making Kit


Almost everything you need to forge a hammer, in 1 kit. Each tool is hand-forged, oiled, with a charred and pine tarred premium hickory handle. These tools won’t just last you 1 hammer, if taken care of and used properly they’ll last you for years.  

This set includes two sets of fullers, a hammer eye punch, a drift, cupping tool, and hammer eye tongs. The bottom tools fit a ~1” hardy hole.

In addition to the kit, you’ll need a sledge, a forge, a striking anvil or other anvil with 1” hardy hole, and someone to strike. 

The tools in this set are some of the most useful and important tools in building out your workshop’s tooling. If you can’t build a tool with these, you’ll probably be able to make the tool that allows you to. 

One of the biggest thrills in blacksmithing is being able to make your own tools. If you’d like to try your hand at forging a hammer, this kit is made for you!


Before purchasing please be sure to be aware of specific import taxes that may apply for international orders. We, unfortunately, do not have any control over those fees, as they are set by your local government.

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