Small Wheel Attachment


Our small wheel attachments are the perfect companions to any of our belt grinders, as they make cutting in perfect, tight curves a breeze! They come in two sizes, the 1" and 3/4" rubberized wheels, and the 1/2" rubber and 1/4" steel wheels. 

The rubberized wheel makes for a nicer grinding experience than raw steel, by giving a small amount of cushioning, and helping reduce the felt "belt bump". The 1, 3/4, and 1/2" are all rubber-coated, and the 1/4" is raw steel. We don't recommend using belts coarser than 80 on the small wheel attachments, as the tight radius promotes grit shedding on the lower grit belts.

The 1" x 3/4" are excellent for finger groves and rock texturing handles, as well as grinding in fullers.

The 1/2" x 1/4" are perfect for getting into the tight corners on guards and choils, as well and cutting into other tight areas.

ATTENTION: To use the Small Wheel Attachment on a 2x72 Steele Grinder you must have the Small Wheel Idler Arm.

These wheels, due to the small bearing size, need to be run at a much slower speed than most other attachments, we recommend running them at a max speed of "20" on the KBAC VFD's that come with our grinders. If you're seeing sparks coming off the small wheels, they're being run too fast and should be slowed down to avoid damaging the bearings.

This product sadly only ships within the USA.

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