15N20 High Carbon Steel (Damascus Stock)


Now offering bulk options: 10 pieces for 35.64

15n20 is a high carbon, high nickel alloy steel; it is extremely tough and versatile. We choose 15n20 to pair with 1080 for our Damascus steel, it makes up the bright layers in the pattern, as the nickel in the steel resists the ferric-chloride we use to etch blades.

It has a carbon content of 0.75% and moves similarly to 1080 while having a different heat treatment and final hardness. The alloying of nickel in 15n20 brings a little extra toughness and allows it to take a keener edge than many other types of high-carbon steel.

Heat Treating

  • Heat to 1500°F (816°C), just above critical temperature and quench in warm oil. Temper twice, in 2 hour-long cycles, let cool to room temperature between cycles. Use 350°F (177°C) for high hardness, or 400°F (204°C) for high toughness/ flexibility.

Element: Content %

  • Nickle: 1.4-2
  • Carbon: 0.75-80
  • Iron: .40-.45
  • Phosphorous: .10-.15


  • Knives of all sizes, Swords, woodworking tools, hatchets, damascus stock.

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