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3M™ Versaflo™ Organic Vapor/Acid Gas/HEPA Cartridge TR-6530N, for TR-600/800 PAPR


There is a 2 week lead time on any orders for this product. This filter doesn't fit the Deluxe PAPR system, it only fits the TR-600, which we special order upon request.


We can get most PAPR 3M products through a 2 week lead time. Email for any requests.

Filter Features

  • Integrated high-efficiency particulate filter.
  • Captures certain common organic vapors and acid gases.
  • Convenient package size.

The TR-6530N is a filter is a combination High Efficiency (HE) particulate filter and Organic Vapor/Acid Gas (OV/AG) cartridge for use with TR-600 series PAPRs. 3M recommends the use of the TR-6500FC filter cover to help protect the filter from physical damage.

The TR 6530N is a combination cartridge for certain particulates, Organic Vapor/Acid Gas (OV/AG), for use with TR 600 series Powered Air Purifying Respirators. This filter/cartridge may be suitable for operations where the primary hazard is particulate and/or certain organic vapors or acid gases, such as in pharmaceutical manufacturing, mold remediation, . 3M recommends the use of the TR 6500FC filter cover to help protect the filter/cartridge from physical damage. The TR 6500FC filter cover is also used to hold the TR 6600 prefilter or TR 662 spark arrestor in place. For maximum PAPR system run time, select the TR 632 High Capacity Battery when using this cartridge. NIOSH approval: OV/SD/HC/CL/HF/HE

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