9x11" Rhynowet Redline


The Redline series from Indasa is the top of the line, exactly what you need sand paper, to help cut down on your hand sanding time. The high flexibilty backing holds up to the toughest applications, and will conform to even the tightest curves with minimal grit shedding. The super-hard aluminum oxide grain combined with their signature clog resistant coating makes for an incredibly long lasting, and smooth cutting paper on both metals and wood.

Available in grits from 150-2500.

The 150 and 220 are excellent for making adjustments straight off the belt sander, they have a lower flexibility than the higher grits, but cuts very quickly. 

The 320 and 400 are excellent grits for more refining, and polishing, 400 is generally the lowest grit we recommend finish hand sanding a mono-steel blade at. 

The 600 and 1000 are excellent finishing grits for both blades and handles, leaving a nice medium gloss satin finish on steel, and a good polish on wood after buffing.

The 1500, 2000, and 2500 grits are what you need to finish out your knives to extremely glossy finishes, and create a full mirror after buffing on steel, and are what leave the finest finish on wood.

50 Pieces Per Pack.

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