The range of Surface Conditioning Belts we offer is an essential for any shop, its the fastest and easiest way to get a clean and consistent scratch pattern off the grinder. These thick belts are extremely forgiving, you wont be ruining a piece if you bump it at a slightly wrong angle, and the spongey feel of the belt conform to slight convex's to allow the blending of different lines.

The course belt is an aggressive belt that leaves a more course satin finish, and is capable of blending 60 grit scratches.

The medium belt is an excellent all around belt, and leaves a nice satin finish, while still being able to blend more aggressive lines than the fine belt.

The fine belt is just how it sounds, these leave a superb satin finish on steel or non-ferrous metals, and can be buffed into a glossier finish, or can cut some time out of your hand sanding.

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