The 347FC Trizact belt, made by 3M in the USA is our absolute favourite steel finishing belt. We're very excited to be the first supply house to offer it to blacksmiths and bladesmiths.

They're Trizactly what you need to cut down on hand sanding time, by leaving the grinder with the best surface finish possible. The 347's are the big brother to the 337's that are popular in the blade-smithing community, these boys not only cut faster and last longer, but you can use them wet, unlike the 337's.

The abrasive grain also holds up to much more aggressive applications, such as profiling grinding, without cutting tracks into the belt. We're confident that you'll love these belts for finishing your bevels just as much as we do.

Trizact abrasives last 2-5x longer than conventional abrasives, so though they cost more than other abrasives, they end up being very economical in the long run. The reason behind the extremely long life is found in the Macroreplicated abrasive structures, which cut faster, and have leave a consistent finish throughout the belts life. The geometric bricks wear evenly, and help reduce swarf buildup, as well as slowing down loading up and glazing over. Inevitably the belts will load up however, and begin to feel "duller" when cutting, you can give new life to the belt by simply running a wire brush over the surface to clean it off!

Please note, this product is sadly only available to ship to locations within the lower 48, Contiguous United States.

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